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The powerful and versatile time tracking system!
The powerful and versatile time tracking system!

Settings window


In this window you can change the settings of TimeTraces.

Settings window, tab Date / time

Settings window, tab Start / close

How to access this window

The "Settings" window can be accessed via the "Options \ Edit settings..." menu item in the main window.

Available options

Tab "Date / time"

All date/time options.

Standard working hours fields
Key combination "Alt + W"
The working hours TimeTraces initially uses in the "Time trace" window when you manually add a new time trace.  The up-down buttons next to the time fields allow you to increase and decrease the value in the selected time field.  Valid input for the time fields is 0 to 23 for the hour field, and 0 to 59 for the minute and second fields.
Drop down list "First day of the week"
Key combination "Alt + F"
The day that will be used as the first day of the week.  The week will start at this day in all the calendars.  This day is also used as the starting day for the "week" view in the main window and the "This week" and "Prev. week" selection buttons in the "Choose time period" window.
Option group "When no time is registered, show"
Key combination "Alt + N"
The way to displaying time entries when no time is registered in the main window.

Tab "Main window"

All options for the main window.

Option group "Time data"
Key combination "Alt + D"
Whether the time data for the activities in the main window will be cumulated in parent activities (so you can see the activity's totals and subtotals), or whether to show only the time worked on the individual activities.
Field "Number of time columns"
Key combination "Alt + U"
The number of time information columns shown in the main window.
Field "'Open recent' menu list"
Key combination "Alt + R"
The maximum number of project files in the "Project \ Open recent" menu.

Tab "Start / close"

All options for starting and closing TimeTraces.

Field "Activation hot key"
Key combination "Alt + H"
The hot key to activate TimeTraces with.  Press the desired key combination.  To clear the hot key, press the "Delete" or "Backspace" key.  Note that some key combinations are already in use by TimeTraces itself or other applications.
Check box "Minimize to notification area"
Key combination "Alt + M"
Whether TimeTraces will minimize to (hide in) the notification area when you press the 'minimize' window button (see the Hide TimeTraces page for more information).
Check box "Activate TimeTraces after a standby/hibernate"
Key combination "Alt + A"
Whether TimeTraces will be re-activated (shown) when your computer resumes from a low power state (like standby or hibernate).  Note that TimeTraces must be started before you put your computer in a low power state for this setting to have effect.  Due to other applications and Windows settings TimeTraces might sometimes not be able to re-activate; the TimeTraces taskbar button will then flash instead.
Check box "Start TimeTraces at computer start up"
Key combination "Alt + T"
Whether TimeTraces will start automatically at computer start up.

Tab "Automatic time registration"

All options for automatic time registration.

Check box "Detect when the computer is inactive"
Key combination "Alt + E"
Whether TimeTraces will detect if the computer is inactive, so that you can be prompted to include the inactive time period in the time registration.  See the "Computer inactivity detection" page for more information on computer inactivity detection.
Field "Ignore inactive time periods shorter than"
Key combination "Alt + G"
How long inactive time periods need to be before they are detected.

Tab "Support"

All options for help and support.

Check box "Show a 'Tip of the Day' at startup"
Key combination "Alt + Y"
Whether TimeTraces will show the "tip of the day" when it is started.

Tab "Language"

All language options.

Drop down list "Language to use"
Key combination "Alt + L"
The language to use by TimeTraces.  You have to restart TimeTraces for a new language to take effect.


Button "OK"
Key "Enter"
Key combination "Alt + O"
Exit the window and update the settings with any changes.
Button "Cancel"
Key "Escape"
Key combination "Alt + C"
Exit the window and discard any changes.
Key "F1"
Show the "Settings" window help page.