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The powerful and versatile time tracking system!
The powerful and versatile time tracking system!

Manage time traces window


This window enables you to add new time traces and remove or modify existing time traces.  All recorded time traces are listed in the overview.

The traces can be sorted any way you like.  To sort on a different column, click on the header of the column.  Clicking on an already sorted column will reverse the sorting order in that column.  Note that all columns participate in the sorting; each of the four columns have a different sorting priority.  When you click on a column's header to sort, that column will get first sorting priority, the previous first priority column will get second priority, and so on.

Manage time traces window showing some time traces, with one still being worked on

How to access this window

The "Manage time traces" window can be accessed via the "Time \ Manage time traces..." menu item in the main window, and via the "Manage time traces" button in the project properties window.

Available options

Overview "Time traces"
Key combination "Alt + T"
All registered time traces.  Click on a time trace to select it; double-click on a time trace to modify it (this will open the "Time trace" window).  Hold down the "Shift" key while selecting to select a continuous range of time traces.  Hold down the "Ctrl" key while selecting to add and remove separate time traces from the selection.
Button "Modify..."
Double-clicking on a time trace
Key combination "Alt + M"
Modify the selected time trace(s).  If one time trace is selected, it will open in the "Time trace" window.  If multiple time traces are selected, the "Modify time trace activity" window will be opened.
Button "Remove"
Key "Delete"
Key "Backspace"
Key combination "Alt + R"
Remove the selected time trace(s).
Button "New..."
Key "Insert"
Key combination "Alt + N"
Create a new time trace.  The new trace will be opened in the "Time trace" window, being set to the standard working hours of the current day.  The standard working hours can be changed in the "Settings" window.
Button "Split..."
Key combination "Alt + S"
Split the selected time trace into two separate traces.  The trace will be opened in the "Split time trace" window.  You can only split one time trace at a time.
Button "OK"
Key combination "Alt + O"
Exit the window and update the time traces with any changes.
Button "Cancel"
Key "Escape"
Key combination "Alt + C"
Exit the window and discard any changes.
Key "F1"
Show the "Manage time traces" window help page.