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The powerful and versatile time tracking system!
The powerful and versatile time tracking system!

Import project window


When you have time registered in multiple TimeTraces projects, you can merge the time data in these projects by importing them.  An import moves or copies the time data from a source project to the currently selected project.  More information on importing can be read on the Import and export time data help page.

In the "Import project" window you can choose the source project in two ways.  If you have already opened the source project in TimeTraces, you can use the "Choose" button to quickly choose it from the list of open projects; this will open the "Choose open project" window.  If the source project is not yet opened, you can use the "Browse" button to find it on your computer.  Note that you cannot import from projects that are being worked on when you are also working on the currently selected project.

When you perform an import, the window shows you which activities are added, and to which activities traces have been added by the import.

When you opt to move the data, it is also removed from the source project after the import is finished.  If the source project was not yet opened in TimeTraces, it will be modified and written to disk when you click the "OK" button; otherwise, the source project is only changed and you can save it yourself if needed.

Import project window showing the result of an import

How to access this window

The "Import project" window can be accessed via the "Project \ Import..." menu item in the main window.

Available options

Section "Current project"

The currently selected project.

Section "Project to import from"

The source project to import from.

Button "Choose..."
Key combination "Alt + S"
Choose the source project out of the list of all open projects via the "Choose open project" window.
Button "Browse..."
Key combination "Alt + B"
Browse for the source project on your computer.

Section "Import settings"

The settings to use for the import.

Option group "Time traces"
Key combination "Alt + T"
Whether to copy or move the time registration data from the source project to the current project.
Button "Change time period"
Key combination "Alt + P"
Change or set the time period chosen for the import via the "Choose time period" window.  Note that the end date/time is exclusive.
Button "Change activities"
Key combination "Alt + A"
Change or set the activities from which the time registration data will be imported via the "Choose activities" window.

Section "Import result"

The result of the import.

Activity list
Key combination "Alt + R"
Shows which activities have been added and on which activities traces have been added due to the import.


Button "OK"
Key combination "Alt + O"
Exit the window and perform the import.  If the source project was not yet open in TimeTraces, it will be saved to disk if it is modified by the import.
Button "Cancel"
Key "Escape"
Key combination "Alt + C"
Exit the window and do not perform the import.
Key "F1"
Show the "Import project" window help page.