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The powerful and versatile time tracking system!
The powerful and versatile time tracking system!

Project statistics window


The "Project statistics" window shows you the overall totals for the entire project.

Project statistics window showing a project being worked on

How to access this window

The "Project statistics" window can be accessed via the "Project \ Statistics..." menu item in the main window.

Available options

Section "Project details"

The details of the project itself.

Label "Project name"
The name of the project.
Label "Currently working on"
The currently worked-on activity (if any).
Label "Time traces in project"
The number of registered time traces in the entire project.

Section "Project duration"

The first registered (start) date/time and the last registered (end) date/time in the project.

Section "Total time worked"

The total amount of time worked on this project within the given time periods.

Button "OK"
Key "Enter"
Key "Escape"
Key combination "Alt + O"
Close the window.
Key "F1"
Show the "Project statistics" window help page.