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The powerful and versatile time tracking system!
The powerful and versatile time tracking system!

Import and export time data

When you have time registered in multiple TimeTraces projects, you can merge the time data in these projects by importing and/or exporting them.  This can be useful e.g. if you want to archive data or if you want to accumulate or combine data in one project.  An import merges the time data from a source project into the currently selected project, and an export merges the time data from the currently selected project into a destination project.  You can start an import or export via the main menu items "Project \ Import..." and "Project \ Export..." in the main window.  These will open the "Import project" window and the "Export project" window.

When merging two projects, only the time data will be merged and not the activity structure, unless an activity is missing for the time data to be merged.  I.e., when there are no time traces available on an activity given the selected import- or export settings, the activity itself will not be merged.

When importing or exporting, you can opt to move or copy the time data.  Copying is useful when you want the source projects to remain unchanged, and moving is useful when you e.g. do not want to accidentally re-merge the same time data again in the future.

You can also specify the range of the import- or export.  When you perform an import or export, all time registration data that falls within the chosen time period and that is registered on one of the chosen activities will be merged.

Note that you cannot merge two projects when both projects are being worked on; within one project you can work on only one activity at a time.