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The powerful and versatile time tracking system!
The powerful and versatile time tracking system!

Version history

Newest version

The "About TimeTraces" window shows you information about your installed version of TimeTraces.  You can use the version information and the release date to check if a more recent version is available.  The latest version of TimeTraces is available on the TimeTraces web site.

Note that TimeTraces can also check for itself if a newer version is available via the main menu option "Help \ Check for updates..." in the main window.  You can also subscribe to our product update mailing list so you will never miss an update to TimeTraces.

Version 10.3.15 - March 15, 2010

New: TimeTraces is now also available in Dutch.
New: You can now define your own standard working hours in the "Settings" dialog; manually created traces will initially be set to them.
New: The standard working hours for newly added time traces are now definable in the settings.
New: The details of your installed license can now easily been found in the "My license details" dialog, including your license number.
Changed: TimeTraces now has it's own dedicated web site at
Changed: You can now also modify the activity structure from the main menu.
Changed: TimeTraces now uses end user license agreement version 1.4.
Changed: TimeTraces can now always be put on top of other applications so it is always visible, also when using full display.
Changed: The speed of accepting changes to large projects (via "manage time traces" and "project properties") has been improved.
Changed: The speed of displaying information and the creation of reports has been improved.
Changed: The report template settings file now uses the correct term "DefaultExtension" in stead of the incorrect term "DefaultExtention"; all standard templates are automatically corrected when you install this version, but custom templates need to be modified.
Changed: TimeTraces now uses a searchable and indexed help system.
Changed: The navigation between activities when deleting activities in the "Project properties" dialog has been improved.
Changed: A safe minimum width is now enforced on the columns in the main window and the "Project properties", "Manage time traces", "Import project" and "Export project" dialogs.
Changed: The advanced report template tags have been altered slightly to create a more useable end result while making your own report templates; timetrace_absnr and activity_absnr have been deprecated, timeperiod_id and activity_id have been added and the numbering through timeperiod_nr and activity_nr has been altered to work consistently in all situations.
Changed: The report selection list in the "Generate report" dialog now uses icons so you can more easily recognize the correct report format.
Changed: The "Project properties" dialog now allows you to easily remove unused activities in one go.
Fixed: The automatic saving after an export and import is now handled in a more fail-safe manner.
Fixed: Windows Vista and Windows 7 are now fully supported.
Fixed: TimeTraces didn't support time zones that didn't have a daylight savings time period; this is now fixed.
Fixed: In some situations the time in the main window would temporarily be reported too high; this is now fixed.
Fixed: Some small errors have been removed from the help pages.
Fixed: In some situations the blue "working-on" arrow icon in the main window would not get updated when work had stopped.

Version 8.11.30 - November 30, 2008

New: TimeTraces is now digitally signed to make downloads easier and to improve security and ensure integrity.
Changed: The help files have been adjusted to improve screen reader accessibility.
Changed: Support for Windows 95 and Windows NT 4 has been dropped in favor of some bug fixes.
Fixed: TimeTraces could sometimes not correctly recognize previously opened files when these files had been copied and renamed back to their original file name.

Version 8.10.22 - October 22, 2008

New: Reports are now based on templates, which you can modify and create yourself.
New: When specifying the time period for a report you can now also specify the exact time for the start and the end of the selection.
New: You can now also show the time registered on the individual activities in the main window in stead of cumulating the time for all parent activities.
New: You can now specify a time period during exporting to or importing from a project.
New: You can now specify which activities to use for inactive time periods in the "Detected computer inactivity" dialog.
Changed: The number of reporting options has been increased.
Changed: Due to the added functionality of specifying a time period selection for an export or import it is no longer possible to support removing exported/imported activities after the export or import.
Fixed: Automatically activating TimeTraces after a standby/hibernate would sometimes crash TimeTraces.

Version 8.9.6 - September 6, 2008

New: TimeTraces can now re-activate itself after the computer was put in a low power state like standby or hibernate, so you will not forget to check your time registration when you get back to your computer.
Fixed: When creating new projects TimeTraces would sometimes crash.
Fixed: The user would sometimes not get asked to save changes to new, unsaved projects when closing TimeTraces.

Version 8.8.21 - August 21, 2008

New: When creating reports you can now opt not to include activities and/or time periods on which no time is registered.
New: The "Generate report" dialog now remembers the settings you use.
Fixed: Sometimes changing traces in the "Manage time traces" dialog or changing the project's properties caused a crash.

Version 8.7.31 - July 31, 2008

New: TimeTraces can detect when the system becomes inactive and can adjust the time registration accordingly.
New: TimeTraces can now also load and save projects to/from XML files.
New: Portable installations are now better documented and can now be created more easily from the main menu.
Changed: The file saving backup strategy has been improved, so that file settings like encryption and permissions are retained on successful saves.

Version 8.4.17 - April 17, 2008

Fixed: Sometimes TimeTraces could not write out its settings file after a clean installation.

Version 8.3.26 - March 26, 2008

Changed: The version numbering scheme has changed to
Changed: TimeTraces now uses the EULA version 1.2.

Version 1.2.13 - March 24, 2008

New: You can now also import project data from and export project data to other projects.
New: The way time entries are displayed when no time is registered is now configurable (00:00:00, -- or empty).
Changed: The term "Export" has now been replaced by the term "Generate report"; the term "Export" is now used for exporting data to other project files.
Changed: TimeTraces now suggests the project's name as the file name when a new project is saved.
Fixed: For some time zones, the start and end of the daylight savings time period was one week off (e.g. for EST/EDT).
Fixed: When the topmost activity is enabled in a newly opened or created project, the main window didn't allow you to start working on it directly.
Fixed: Resizing dialogs by maximizing them did not cause a proper lay-out change of the dialog.
Fixed: A failed project save could sometimes cause TimeTraces to crash.
Fixed: When two or more projects with the same name were loaded, changing the name of one of them could sometimes crash TimeTraces.
Fixed: In some circumstances TimeTraces could crash when a new project was saved while closing it.
Fixed: In the "Generate report" dialog, the rounding didn't function properly and the start and end of the report range was sometimes reported incorrectly.

Version 1.1.12 - September 19, 2007

New: Added a "Tip of the Day" dialog to help first-time and advanced users find their way in TimeTraces.
Changed: The "Unusable" status of activities has been replaced by a "Disabled" status; all activities can now be disabled, even if they have traces registered on them.
Fixed: TimeTraces would sometimes prevent Windows from shutting down or restarting.
Fixed: The main window initially did not reflect the correct information when time registration was stopped from the notification area.

Version 1.1.11 - May 29, 2007

New: TimeTraces can now also be shown in "Compact" display.
New: You can now select multiple time traces in the "Manage time trace" dialog for easier time trace management.
New: Single time traces can now be split into two separate time traces.
New: The end of existing traces can now easily be set to the current date/time for easy adjustment.
New: The title bar of TimeTraces now shows the currently active project and whether it is modified.
New: The main icon of TimeTraces now show the global working state (green, red or brown), just like the notification icon does.
New: The project you had selected when you closed TimeTraces is now also selected when you start up TimeTraces again.
Changed: The recent menu now shows a checkmark in front of all opened projects in stead of only in front of the currently selected project.
Changed: The menu item "Project \ Hide" is now relocated to the menu item "View \ Hidden mode".
Fixed: The width of the columns in the main window is now correctly restored when TimeTraces starts.
Fixed: A bug has been fixed that sometimes resulted in missing worked time from the information in the main window.

Version 1.0.10 - January 14, 2007

New: Added support to check for updates at the TwoLogs website.
Changed: The version numbering scheme has changed.
Changed: TimeTraces now uses the EULA version 1.1.
Changed: The settings file of previous versions of TimeTraces cannot be used anymore after this upgrade.

Version - April 19, 2006

Changed: The "Time trace" dialog now shows all activities in a hierarchy.
Changed: The "New Time Trace" functionality is not disabled anymore when an unusable activity is selected.
Changed: The currently worked on activity is now also marked with a blue arrow in the activity list.
Fixed: Fixed an issue with double-clicking on the notification icon that caused the neighboring icon to also receive mouse clicks.
Fixed: Fixed a bug that caused the wrong days to be reported as being worked on in calendars.

Version - February 18, 2006

New: Added Windows XP window style support.

Version - February 14, 2006

New: Added information on how to get on-line support.

Version - November 24, 2005

New: Worked time reporting and exporting per year has been added.
New: License installation is now fully described in the help pages.
Changed: Improved worked time display in main window.
Changed: Improved efficiency of statistics generating and caching.
Changed: When uninstalling TimeTraces, you are now prompted to also remove your TimeTraces settings file and your TimeTraces license file from your computer (if present).

Version - November 7, 2005

Changed: Trial period handled more user friendly.

Version - November 3, 2005

Fixed: Fixed some compatibility issues with Windows 98 and Windows NT 4.0.

Version - September 12, 2005

Fixed: TimeTraces crashed when you changed the activity in an open time trace via the "Manage time traces" dialog and consecutively pressed the "Stop" button.

Version - September 11, 2005

New: Start is now always enabled, also if you're already working; pressing Start now first automatically stops the active time registration for the previous activity, if any.
New: The project(s) and activity(s) you are working on are now labeled with a checkmark in the notification area menu.
New: Projects are now opened in read-only mode when the project file cannot be opened for writing.
Changed: A project file's creation date and attributes will be preserved after a normal save.
Changed: The settings file is now located in the user's "Application data" folder in stead of in the TimeTraces program files folder (some users have no write permissions in the program files folder).
Changed: Writing the settings file has been speeded up dramatically when it has to be written to a slow medium, like e.g. a floppy disk.

Version - August 28, 2005

New: Initial release