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The powerful and versatile time tracking system!
The powerful and versatile time tracking system!

Project files

Each TimeTraces project is stored in a separate file on your computer.  TimeTraces can save projects as dedicated TimeTraces project files and as generic XML files.  The dedicated TimeTraces project files have the TimeTraces icon and have the extension ".ttp".

A TimeTraces project file

Some benefits of using the dedicated TimeTraces file format are:

  • You can double-click on these project files in Windows Explorer to open these projects; TimeTraces will automatically start up when needed, and load the project.
  • Using this file format usually results in files that are 4 times smaller than equivalent XML files (although the size of TimeTraces files is always quite small).

Some benefits of using the generic XML file format are:

  • They can be imported into or exported from applications that support generic XML files; more information about the used XML file specification can be found on the XML file specification reference page.

If you want to back-up your project, you only need to back-up the project file itself; all project information and time registration information is stored in the project file.

Note that TimeTraces uses a safe saving strategy; if a project is saved to a file that already exists, a backup copy of the original file will first be created.  This way TimeTraces can restore your original project data file whenever something might go amiss during the save.  And in case there are problems restoring the backup, you will be clearly notified of the situation so that you can manually restore your project file.