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The powerful and versatile time tracking system!
The powerful and versatile time tracking system!

Manage your time registration

A situation might occur in which you need to alter or remove already stored time traces.  Maybe you forgot to press the stop button yesterday, so now you want to stop time registration and fill in the correct time you stopped working.  Or you might have accidentally started a new time trace you want to remove.

TimeTraces can automatically detect when your computer becomes inactive.  This way forgetting to stop your time registration is easily corrected when you start working with your computer again.  More about this option can be read in the Detect computer inactivity help page.

Manually managing your time registration can be done from the "Manage time traces" window.  This window can be opened by selecting "Time \ Manage time traces..." from the menu.  In this window you can add new time traces and remove or modify existing ones.  Modifying existing time traces allows you to change not only the start- and end date/time, but also the activity that the time trace is registered on.  And when you e.g. forget to notify TimeTraces that you have started working on a different activity, you can even split an existing time trace in two so that this can be easily corrected afterwards.