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The powerful and versatile time tracking system!
The powerful and versatile time tracking system!

Different display options

TimeTraces can be used in different ways to suit each situation.  The main window can be shown in two ways; full and compact.  A full display shows you the most information about the activities and the total time registered on them; this does however result in a bigger TimeTraces window.  When you do not need the extra level of detail, you can switch the main window into a compact display.  In compact display only a minimal set of information is displayed, so the size of the TimeTraces window is reduced considerably.  You can then still conveniently use the start/stop time registration mechanism.  The third option is to hide the main window; this will completely hide the TimeTraces window into the notification area, next to the system clock.

You can switch between these display options by selecting the appropriate option from the "View" menu in the TimeTraces main menu.  More information on the full and compact display options can be read on the main window help page; hiding TimeTraces is described on the Hide TimeTraces help page.