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The powerful and versatile time tracking system!
The powerful and versatile time tracking system!

Portable installation

Once you have installed TimeTraces on your computer, you can also make portable installations of TimeTraces on removable media.  A portable installation can be created by choosing "Make portable installation" from the "Options" menu.

A portable installation is an installation on a portable medium, like i.e. a USB memory stick or a network drive (or "network share").  This allows you to install TimeTraces to a location shared between multiple computers, so you can start up TimeTraces from the other computers as well.  When you open TimeTraces on the second computer, TimeTraces will continue where you left off on the first computer, and all your settings will be maintained between these different computers.

With a portable installation, you can take TimeTraces and your project files with you wherever you go.  No matter how mobile you are, as long as there is a computer with a free USB port at hand, or if the workstation you work on today is connected to your personal network drive, you can manage your time registration!

A portable installation of TimeTraces is quite small in size (about 1.6 MB).  This will leave enough space free for several project files, even on the smallest of USB drives.  If you wish to include the help files as well, note that they will take up another 1.7 MB of space.

When you use a portable installation of TimeTraces on another computer, some features will not be available.  These are:

  • The setting "Start TimeTraces on computer start up" in the "Settings" window is disabled.
  • TimeTraces project files are not recognized in Windows Explorer.  Double-clicking on a TimeTraces project will not open TimeTraces with that project loaded.  Of course you can still load and save projects from within TimeTraces itself, and opening TimeTraces will still automatically load your previously opened projects as well.
  • You cannot start the portable installation creator from within a portable installation.

The reason the first two features are excluded for portable installations is that these features require TimeTraces to be present all the time.  If the portable installation is removed again from the other computer, an error would occur when you would open project files and when the computer starts up and wants to automatically start TimeTraces.  If you wish to use the unavailable features on another computer as well, a normal TimeTraces installation might be more appropriate.

Note of course that the TimeTraces end user license agreement allows you to make several installations of the software for your personal use only.  The portable installation creator will also include your license in the portable installation if you have already installed your license.