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The powerful and versatile time tracking system!
The powerful and versatile time tracking system!

Hidden TimeTraces menu

When TimeTraces is hidden in the notification area, you can right-click on the TimeTraces icon to bring up a menu.  This menu provides you with the basic TimeTraces functionality.

The menu items that are always available in the notification menu are "Show" and "Exit".  "Show" shows the main window and "Exit" will exit TimeTraces (showing you the normal confirmations when time registration is still in progress or when there are unsaved changes to the project files).

From the menu you can also start- and stop time registration on your projects.  When time registration is already in progress on one or more open projects, the "Stop working" menu item shows these projects and the activity that you are working on.  Select one of these activities and time registration will be stopped for that activity.

The "Start working" menu item shows all projects that you can work on.  Each project in turn shows all activities for which time registration is allowed.  Simply select the correct activity and time registration will start on that activity.  If you were already working on an activity in that project, time registration will automatically stop on that activity before the time registration on the selected activity starts.

The projects and activities that you are currently working on are shown with a checkmark next to them in the notification menu.